BREAKING! Legislature Passes Measure to Hike CCW Fees! Headed to Governor’s Desk!

Earlier today, the legislature once again decided that the safety of law-abiding citizens is less important than the well-being of criminals. With the passage of AB 450, CCW fees will potentially sky rocket throughout California!

For further explanation on AB 450, please see below:

AB 450 – (McCarty): AB 450 clarifies current law regarding concealed weapon permits and mandates the issuing authority to charge a fee which is “sufficient” to cover the cost of issuing and overseeing CCW permits.

To view the final vote tally and those who voted for and against AB 450, please click here.

With this bill heading to the Governor’s desk, it is imperative that you contact his office and make your voice heard! We cannot let this measure, which will prevent countless Californian’s from being able to obtain a CCW permit due to insurmountable fees, become law.

To contact the Governor, see below:

Office of Governor Jerry Brown 
(916) 445-2841

If you would prefer to contact the Governor’s office via email, please click here.

We can stop this! You can help!

CRPA is standing in unison with our sheriffs, the very individuals who will be required to implement this measure. Stand with us, against AB 450 and with your help, we can convince the Governor to veto this insidious piece of legislation!

This fight is not over!

Thank you for standing with CRPA, NRA and the rest of our allies as we fight on the front lines to preserve the Second Amendment in California!

10 responses to “BREAKING! Legislature Passes Measure to Hike CCW Fees! Headed to Governor’s Desk!

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    Doug Hayden

    I hope all these recent gun Bills that get passed are challenged in the Courts, and the Legislature gets sued for passing bogus laws….The world has been turned upside down, legal gun owners are victims of a runaway Legislature, but nothing is done to Criminals, except let them out early? Another reason for taxpayers to leave California…..

  2. I am a 69 year old native Californian, raised in the tradition of love of country and respect for the law. It is heartbreaking, to say the least, to see the state I grew up in become a place where my rights, guaranteed to others by the Constitution of the United States of America, are denied to me for the sole reason of where I live. California is run by self serving politicians who have no regard for the rights of law abiding citizens or the democratic process, and who have changed a place where a great many citizens of this country once yearned to live, into the most oppressive and undesirable state in the Union.

  3. Does our government really believe these useless laws will cut down on gun violence? Have they not figured it out yet?
    If all California laws are truly enforced, it will put honest law abiding citizen behind bars, because there are so many, it is impossible to keep up with them. is this what our government really want to do to the our good citizen? It’s a nightmare than continues to worsen each year

  4. It’s not about criminals with the liberals in California. It is about getting ALL of the guns confiscated in the state. Step by step, inch by inch, is how they are making their wet dreams come true. They will not stop, ever. They have a sick twisted view of reality that we as NORMAL people don’t seem to understand or be able to counter. Courts take too long and are frequently taking the side of liberal anti-gunners. Elections won’t work, either. Too many sick minded progressives in California will prevent any change to the political environment. California is a lost cause. Arizona or Texas here we come.

  5. The intent here was not to do anything about crime. And since they have no idea on how to fight criminals, the will up their statistics by criminalizing law abiding citizens. People who will find themselves falling under criminalizing statutes that are so outlandish that they will not suspect that they are breaking a law by continuing to do what they have been doing since they learned to shoot as a boy or girl scout.

    It is likely (maybe) that these laws will be overturned…eventually, but in the mean time, possibly lasting for years while cases drag through the courts, we are subject to these draconian laws. And the laws are so obtuse and convoluted, inadvertent violation of them may cause you to lose your right to own a gun, before the law is thrown out.

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