BREAKING: CRPA and NRA File Lawsuit Challenging California’s “Assault Weapon” Ban!

Today, April 24, attorneys supported by CRPA and NRA filed the first of many critical lawsuits; the first step in restoring the full freedoms of the Second Amendment in California. This lawsuit challenges California’s newly expanded “Assault Weapon Control Act” (AWCA). The AWCA makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, transport, import or transfer hundreds of popular and commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms that the law inappropriately demonizes and condemns as “assault weapons.”

One critical aspect of this new over-reaching law is that if you own a firearm equipped with a “bullet button” you must now register the firearm as an “assault weapon”. Other provisions would prohibit owners from transferring or selling these firearms to anyone in the state of California, including their own children or heirs upon their death.

More details on this groundbreaking lawsuit will be revealed in the coming days so make sure that you continue to check your inbox and visit regularly.

As CRPA and NRA continue to support legal efforts in the courts and our political efforts at every level of government, we need all of California’s roughly 10 million gun owners to stand with us as victory cannot be achieved without your support.


By donating today to The CRPA Foundation, you will help CRPA and NRA strike down the California “assault weapon” ban and the rest of “gunmageddon” in addition to the insidious Prop 63. With your help, we will restore the freedoms that the anti-gun lobby and elitist Sacramento politicians took from us in 2016 and restore the right to choose to own a firearm to defend yourself and your family.

To find out more information on CRPA’s endeavors and how you can further get involved, please visit For further information on The CRPA Foundation, follow this link.

Thank you for standing with CRPA and NRA. Together, we will make freedom ring once again throughout the Golden State.


7 responses to “BREAKING: CRPA and NRA File Lawsuit Challenging California’s “Assault Weapon” Ban!

  1. California had the magic button called the ballet box. They knew it was coming and they just gave up with out a fight. My family in Northern California bitch and moan but they will not fight the injustices forced upon them.

  2. Great you have my support!!! Too many California gun laws banning almost every gun or rifle in one way or another accomplishes nothing. It puts a unnecessary burden on law enforcement to try to interpret and enforce laws that simply hinder non criminal tax paying honest Americans so they can continue to simply just own and enjoy basic gun ownership.

  3. Now…out of the “10 million gun owners” in Kalifornicate, how many of them CARE about what’s happening to our firearm freedoms?? VERY few. That’s the problem. That has always been the problem: they don’t stand and resist the elitists taking away their freedoms bit by bit. That is exactly what has happened in many other countries down through the years. Until it’s TOO LATE.

    1. It is already too late: Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-2 in California so the GOP will never have a majority in the legislature nor have a Republican in the governor’s office ever again given demographic trends toward a more liberal electorate. The onslaught on gun rights continues every single legislative session and gun-rights voters are outnumbered. There is nothing they can do.

  4. I just joined CRPA today! Also, I will retire soon
    I will be moving to Texas to give my guns the FREEDOM they deserve.
    Even living in Texas, I will continue to financially support CRPA to help those that continue to live in “The Communist Republic of California.”

    I hope the legal actions taken by CPRA / NRA help restore the full freedoms of the Second Amendment to my fellow Californian men/women at arms.

  5. The SCOTUS denied cert for the appeal of the federal circuit upholding of the assault weapons ban in Highland Park IL So this attempt to repeal California’s assault weapons ban is doomed to fail by precedent.
    Until the SCOTUS gains another constitution-upholding justice which could perhaps be this Summer if rumors of Kennedy’s resignation are true, California’s onerous unconstitutional gun laws will stand.

  6. @ David Rigby: We DID voice our opinions at the ballot box, but due to the fact that we conservatives and legal gun owners were drastically outnumbered by a vastly liberal, anti-gun crowd who have loaded the State Legislature with anti-gun politicians (add in anti-gun AG Kemala Harris), we didn’t have a chance.

    That “we knew it was coming and gave up without a fight” is just not true. No one “gave up,” but the dismal outcome was guaranteed by the overwhelming population of low-info liberal voters and the politicians who represent them.

    @ John Kaye: I don’t know where you got your information to support your theory that “very few” gun owners care enough to fight the anti-gun crowd. I know of no one who doesn’t care about the outcome of anti-gun legislation, but I and those like me are constantly being pounded into the ground by vote-seeking anti-gun pols in Sacto.

    There is no way to vote out elitist-sponsored politicians from other districts who propose and enact ridiculous anti-gun laws and regulations. All I (for one) can do is bombard my own liberal reps in Sacramento, then send donations to the CRPA, then pray that the Second Amendment will supersede the egregious decisions made in Sacramento….
    Which reminds me: I’m going to send another donation to the CRPA/NRA. If they fail in their being able to support the 2A, we might as well kiss off being able to protect ourselves in our own homes without being made instant felons for doing so.

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