Attention CA Gun Owners! CRPA/NRA Future Webinar

Attention California Gun Owners:

Register Now to Attend CRPA/NRA’s Webinars Explaining The Pending DOJ “Assault weapon” and “Large Capacity” Magazine Regulations

Late last year, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) released a series of proposed administrative / executive regulations that defined certain legal terms in a way that turned thousands of previously legal firearms into newly classified “assault weapons,” and also banned the possession of so-called “large-capacity” magazines. Instead of doing their statutory duty to simply clarify the laws, many of DOJ’s proposals read like a wish-list from the gun ban lobby and went far beyond what was necessary and legally allowed.

In response, CRPA and NRA submitted joint-opposition letters to both the proposed “assault weapon” registration regulations and the “large-capacity” magazine regulations. Faced with NRA and CRPA’s opposition, DOJ voluntarily withdrew both sets of poorly considered regulatory proposals.

DOJ still hasn’t published updated replacement regulations!

The lack of clarifying regulations regarding the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” and newly banned “large capacity” magazines has left many gun owners in the dark about how to comply with the laws. And with the deadline to register firearms or get rid of illegal magazines fast approaching, it is not  surprising that many California gun owners are hungry for information and anxiously awaiting DOJ’s revised regulations.

We are planning ahead and setting up two webinars so that gun owners can get information from CRPA /NRA lawyers as soon as the lawyers have a chance to analyze the new regulations once they are released by DOJ.

To assist gun owners in understanding and complying with the anticipated regulations, NRA and CRPA attorneys will be a free live webinar a few days after the regulations are released. You will want to hear this!

Space may be limited, so if you are interested in listening in to the upcoming webinar, be sure to register in advance using the following links:

To register for the “assault weapon” registration regulations webinar, click here.

To register for the “large-capacity” magazine regulations webinar, click here.

Please note that since the regulations aren’t out yet, the actual date for the webinar has yet to be determined. The scheduled date is just a place holder so folks can register in advance. The date will change. Individuals who register in advance, however, will be notified promptly of the date change.

If you are unable to attend, don’t worry. The webinar will be recorded and made freely available on CRPA’s website at There are some webinars posted there now that you will find interesting.

Help us Fight California’s Illegal and Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Laws

On April 24, NRA and CRPA attorneys filed the first in a series of critical lawsuits as the first step in restoring the full freedoms of the Second Amendment in California. The lawsuit, titled Rupp v. Becerra, seeks to declare California’s assault weapon ban unconstitutional.

As NRA and CRPA continue our legal efforts in the courts and our political efforts at every level of government, we need all California gun owners standing with us. We cannot be successful without your help.

By donating today to the CRPA Foundation, and volunteering to help the fight at [email protected], you can help undo “gunmageddon” and the anti-gun Proposition 63, and begin the process of restoring firearms freedoms and the right to choose to own a firearms to defend yourself and your family in California!

Visit the NRA’s new California webpage at to learn more about NRA’s efforts in California, and visit and to learn about the CRPA and the CRPA Foundation.

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  1. You link to: To register for the “large-capacity” magazine regulations webinar, click here, come up in December 2017

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