Anti-Gun/Anti-Small Business SB 464 Clears Assembly Appropriations Committee

Today, the Assembly Appropriations Committee Voted to pass SB 464 out of committee for a vote by the full Assembly. By passing out of committee, SB 464 is that much closer to becoming law.

SB 464 aims to implement increased security measures for firearms dealers regarding the storage of their merchandise. Dealers would be forced to lock their entire stock of firearms AND install anti-vehicle barriers. These increased security measures are unreasonable, expensive, and unnecessary. These proposed regulations on Firearms dealers, and the storage of their merchandise, will inevitably force many licensed California firearms dealers out of business due to their inability to meet the costs of security upgrades; this will effectively restrict the supply of firearms available to the public. This is an attack on our rights AND our small businesses.

Despite the majority of the committee voting in favor of this toxic bill, CRPA would like to thank Assembly members, Bigelow, Fong, Obernolte, Gallagher, and Brough, for standing up for our rights and our small businesses. Though the bill passed committee, this fight is far from over. We still have a chance to stop this on the assembly floor, and on the governor’s desk.  Please help us keep up the fight to protect our gun shops by calling your Assembly member and telling them to vote NO on SB 464.

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