The Anti-Civil Rights Movement

by C.D. Michel

This past June, Congressman Alan Lowenthal and Congresswoman Janice Hahn hosted community forums in their respective districts to promote their anti-gun-owner agendas following their recent “sit-in” of the Congressional House floor demanding a ban those on the sale of firearms to those listed on the government’s secret “no fly” list. The events also mark another June month in which “AstroTurf” anti-gun organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and Moms Demand Action voice their emotional driven arguments to the American public by wearing orange and using words like “common sense” and “responsible solutions.”

Thankfully, the majority of Americans have seen through their alluring deceptions. As one gun rights supporter stated during Hahn’s event, “[w]hen you do a sit-in, you do it to get rights, not take rights away.” Yet this is precisely what congressional representatives like Hahn are trying to do. By hijacking the struggles of the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, these anti-gun representatives are attempting to portray themselves as heroes fighting for a righteous cause. What they won’t tell you is that the real heroes of the civil rights movement understood the need for and often promoted the right to keep and bear arms.

But their hypocrisy doesn’t end here. If you happened to attend either of the community forums, you might have noticed a significant police presence. Congressman Hahn chose to host her event at the Port of Los Angeles High School, immediately adjacent to the Los Angeles Port Police building. What’s more, the location is a “gun-free” school zone, and thanks to a recently enacted state law, even those with a fabled California CCW license are prohibited from carrying onto school grounds. But this didn’t stop Hahn from obtaining police protection, with over a half a dozen police officers armed with firearms for her defense in attendance.

civil rights 2

Empty seats prior to Congressman Hahn’s speech


Congressman Lowenthall also chose to host his event in another “gun-free” zone just a few miles away at Long Beach City Hall. Attendees were greeted at the door by several armed deputies, and were required to empty their pockets and be scanned by a metal detector to ensure no firearms or other weapons were present. After a thorough search, individuals could then proceed to the council chambers. Congressman Lowenthall was separated from the public by a rope barricade, and flanked by armed Long Beach Police officers who sat on both sides of the podium.


civil rights 1

Congressman Lowenthal (center right) standing behind a rope barricade while being flanked by an armed Long Beach Police Officer (left)


This “guns for me, but not for you” attitude is common among many anti-gun government leaders. For example, Congressman Charlie Rangel just recently stated during an interview with the Daily Caller that “[l]aw-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun,” even though he believes Congressional representatives “deserve” and “need” to be protected by armed security. And both Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Chuck Schumer, figureheads of the anti-gun left, have been reported to possess concealed carry permits. As for the rest of the law-abiding population who can’t afford armed security, anti-gun legislatures would throw them to the wolves.

So far, Hahn, Lowenthal, and other anti-gun legislatures have been thwarted from passing any of their proposed anti-gun measures, thanks in large part to strong opposition from law-abiding gun owners. But with the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, and the media fanning the flames of racism following the tragic events in Dallas, you can bet that they will try again, and will continue to try until their ultimate goal of civilian disarmament is met.


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For a summary of some of the many actions the NRA and CRPA has taken on behalf of California gun owners, including the Peruta case, click here.


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  1. If you are interested in a similar tale from one in Silicon Valley, the US Congressman Mike Honda event, on 2016/07/28 in Sunnyvale (District 17), had a good 2A group presence. He definitely made mention, early-on in the presentation, of his sit-in of civil disobedience, and felt it his obligation to do so. I would say that Mr. Honda’s attempt was more civil-sounding than the ones you describe here, but judge for yourself…

    I got some audio and there are plenty of other comments from others that were there in the CalGuns forum posts.

    Part 1:

    My channel, if interested, with all 5 parts:

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