AB 521 Delayed, But The Fight For Affordable Hunting is Far From Over

Hertzberg pushes to Delay Affordable Hunting

Today, July 11, 2017, the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water failed to pass AB 521. The bill was intended to reduce the cost of elk hunting and increase youth participation in this highly coveted part of our state’s hunting tradition. However, Senator Hertzberg, the Democratic Chairmen for the committee, recommended they vote no; Hertzberg’s actions are a direct assault on hunters in the state of California.

AB 521 would have reduced the cost of elk tags from $445 to $100 and created a $20 apprentice tag for youth hunters. By stalling AB 521, Hertzberg has retained the high tag price, and removed any provision for apprentice tags. The delay of AB 521 in committee is nothing more than extortion and an attack on youth hunters. In delaying AB 521, the Senator has shown that he is okay with squeezing millions of dollars out of California hunters, who already pay over 26 million dollars to the state for tags and fees annually. Additionally, without providing low cost apprentice tags, the state prohibits young hunters from participating in an essential part of our state’s hunting heritage; most families cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a hunt.

Despite this setback, the CRPA would like to thank Senators Stone, Atkins, and Vidak for standing up against Hertzberg’s attack on affordable hunting, and for showing their support for California youth hunters. Today’s setback is not the end. AB 521 is a reasonable bill, evidenced by the fact that it sailed through the assembly 57-4, and CRPA will continue to support Assembly member Frazier’s attempt bring it up for reconsideration in January. Thank you for all of your support and for helping CRPA fight for hunting rights in California.

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