2017 Bill Status Update




CRPA is currently evaluating each bill that has been submitted and will be revealing our positions soon. Please check back regularly.


AB 264 (Low) Protective orders on any crimes as opposed to specific crimes. Could impact gun rights.

AB 424 (McCarty) Removes school superintendent ability to authorize a person to carry a firearm on school grounds.

AB 521 (Frazier) Elk tags.

AB 757 (Melendez) Shall issue; redefines good cause for CCW permit issuance.

AB 986 (Gallagher) Hunting fees; reduced fees for veterans.

AB 1525 (Baker) Firearm warnings.


SB 464 (Hill) Storage of firearms at dealers, additional requirements.

SB 497 (Portantino) Limits firearms purchases to one gun every 30 days.

SB 710 (Anderson) Suppressors for hunting.

SB 785 (Wiener) Commerce in arms; liability for gun manufacturers.

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2017 is going to be a wild year for California gun owners and Second Amendment advocates! With the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President, Sacramento Democrats are eager to start their battle against him. Because of this we are sure to see even more attempts to limit our right to keep and bear arms than we did in 2016. It is hard to believe that Sacramento politicians could try to top Proposition 63 and the “Gunmageddon” bills signed into law last year, but we know they are going to try.

Fortunately, CRPA will be on the front lines with our allies, including the NRA, fighting any attempt to strip law-abiding citizens of the ability to protect themselves and their families. In addition to serving as watchdogs in the Capitol, CRPA will be busy gearing up for the 2018 elections by building our grassroots movement to elect pro-Second Amendment politicians and defeat those who vote against the interests of law-abiding Californians. If you would like to find out more about these efforts and get involved, please visit our county coalition page.

Remember, YOU are the California gun lobby! Every time you send a donation or take action to support or oppose a bill - it matters. Thank you for all you do as members of CRPA, we look forward to working together this year.

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